Unlock Your Medicine Cabinet

Dear Reader,

We live fairly close to our local high school.  Towards the beginning of track season, I was puttering around the house while my daughter was at practice.  Suddenly, she burst into the house with a friend and said "We need some oils!" The friend was having some pain, and my daughter went straight to the essential oil stash, got out the ones she knew would help, and gave them to her friend. Talk about a proud mama moment!
I have seen a lot of commercials lately about the importance of locking up your prescription medications. It seems that children (teenagers) like to get into the medicine cabinet and use the medications as drugs.  I would propose that maybe a better idea would be to stock your medicine cabinet with such healthy, natural things that it's okay for your teenagers to invade your medicine cabinet.
When my daughter came running in the door to get some (essential) oils, I was not concerned that they could possible harm her or her friend.  Or that they might become dependent on the oils.
Essential oils are a great way to start building your natural medicine cabinet. T.here are several great essential oil companies, and a few not so great.  Whichever ones you choose to purchase, make sure they are safe for dietary use, a lot of less expensive oils are 'for aromatic use only'.  The essential oils I choose to keep in my house are Spark Naturals.  They are high quality (pure Pharma grade) oils without the high price tag.  {Hint: If you choose to order from Spark, use the code 'purplelinen' and you'll receive 10% off your order! Every time you use it!}
My two favorite things for starting out are the Basic 4-pk kit (available in 5 ml and 15 ml size) and the Oil of the Month Club. The basic 4-pk kit contains 4 oils (Lemon, Lavender, Melaleuca, and Peppermint) that are versatile and most often reached for.  They are great for starting out and learning about the many uses of oils.  Once you have a basic 4-pk, I would strongly urge you to sign up for the Oil of the Month Club.  You get a full 15 ml. bottle each month for only $15.99 -- which includes shipping!  A great way to build up your inventory with a variety of oils, so you are prepared for any situation.

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