Why "Purple and Fine Linen"?

Dear Reader,

A lot of thought goes into choosing a blog name.  You want something that reflects what you want to write about while also reflecting a little of your personality.  You want something that is easy to remember (and find again!). And you want something that is a little bit unique.
I love to read blogs. I have always enjoyed writing, and felt this was something I could do. I just want to write about some of my daily struggles and inspirations and hope that they are an encouragement to someone else besides me. I had felt God gently nudging me to write about some of the lessons I am learning along the way of life for a while. He kept inspiring me with great post ideas reflecting the life lessons I keep receiving. I am not some sort of guru who has all the answers, but I am learning more and more where to turn for the answers. And with a 25 year marriage, and 4 children, I have a lot of life lessons to pull from.

I was hesitant to actually put a blog online for the world to see for many reasons (excuses).  But mostly I wanted to be certain that this was really something that God wanted me to do. So I prayed. And I started researching a little. And I prayed some more. Finally, one morning I just asked him to show me this was something he would bless by giving me a great name for the blog and getting me started.   That morning when I opened my bible to read, instead of opening to Psalms, where I had been reading, I flipped to the end of Proverbs and began to read about the Proverbs 31 woman. I have read this many times and although I am not much like this super woman of the Bible; I do find inspiration from reading about her and trying to be more like her. I do love it when “the heart of my husband trusts me” and on the rare occasion that “my children rise up to bless me”. As soon as I read verse 22, I knew I had a name and that God would bless this little venture. "She makes coverings for herself; her clothing is fine linen and purple.”   I LOVE purple.  I find some way to wear it every day, even if it is just my socks or my earrings. The fact that it reminds me that I am the daughter of The King, makes it even more fun to wear. While I don’t ever want to twist the word of God around; I do think it’s a great thing to be a little unique. So I switched it around a little and had a name for the blog. I hope that you can find a little encouragement and inspiration from some of my posts. I know I will.

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